Seed Savers group start-up

I would like to start a very low-key ‘seed saving association’ for local
seed savers.  If your interested in saving seeds as a collective
please respond and I’ll add you to further outreach.
In brief:
We would be meeting this spring to identify our favourite seeds to save,
and our individual seed ‘needs’.  Together, we will agree to:
1.  plant out more of our desired seed crop, and
2. next spring share with the group.

Together, we can save more seeds that are specific to this regions eco-type,
not spend money on seeds from afar, potentially help save heritage
seeds that are well suited to supplying food for this region in times of
climate change, and take part in a collective (and have fun!?) seed saving
‘community’ group.  Any help or support that may be needed through
the process can also be identified and worked through as a group.
If you’d like to come together to discuss please reply.


Nikola Barsoum