One of the 187 services your local government, RDCK, offers is that of resource recovery, This is garbage, recycling, possibly compost and all that in between, minus hazardous waste. One of the primary resources we recover is that of recyclables.

About a decade ago, the province mandated that the producers of the material pay for the service of recycling the material. A fee is applied to all that you purchase- this fee is then provided to Recycle BC (RBC) to deal with the material. (RBC formerly known as MMBC- Multi Material BC).

When MMBC first appeared, the RDCK was offered a program that would have required closure of more than half of our facilities, all of our rural/remote sites were too far or had too small of volume to qualify for the program. The RDCK declined and indicated that the program needs to be rural friendly. Ten years later, we have come to a middle ground and will be transitioning the regions residential recycling to an RBC service as of this May.

THE GOOD NEWS: We were successful in increasing the depots from 7 (original offer) to 12. We currently have 27 across the RDCK. What this means is that we will maintain certain satellite sites, which are not covered by RBC but will continue to be funded by local taxation. Marblehead is one of these with Kaslo being a core (RBC) depot.

There are many moving pieces in this change over and it highlights how we continue to live in a climate where rural does not fit the box.

The final details of the costs associated with this transition, along with the annual budget review (HOT STUFF THERE!) will be discussed tomorrow at our Central Resource Recovery meeting.

If you are interested in how this all plays out AND the cost of it all- check out the agenda here:
#3 is the draft budget for this service and #5 is the RBC report.

Happy Reading!…/Waste…/Documents/2019-01-31_CRR_Agenda.pdf