Jewett Staff Weekly News

Sunday, December 2, 2018

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas………

December is always a busy month for the school. Please read the December activities sheet I am sending home tomorrow. We will be leaving the school grounds so will need permission slips signed for those days.

Monday, Dec. 3-Sharing/Current Events
Tuesday, Dec. 4-Strong Start-last Nobody’s Perfect
Wed., Dec. 5-Christmas Tree decorating
Thursday, Dec. 6-Strong Start
Take Me Outside
Tech Club,
Friday, Dec. 7-Gingerbread House making 9-12*

*Any parents who have a few hours to spare, please join us for Gingerbread House decorating. We will be displaying these at the school until the last week of school.

We are joining the JVH Primary class next week for skating. Please look and see if your child has skates and a helmet.

If you have any questions about the Report Card, please call us at the school. Any students who did not receive their report card on Friday will get them tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Lardeau Beach use needs Area D input/vote

The Regional District of Central Kootenay acquired waterfront beach in the small community of Lardeau under a License of Occupation (LOO) about 9 years ago. The original request from the Lardeau Yacht Club was for the purpose of building a wharf. This acquisition and management of the land falls under the shared Kaslo and Area D Recreation Service.

Upon election in 2014, both Mayor Hewat and myself received numerous inquires into the state of the land and dispute over how best it should be created into park and managed. We initiated two consultation processes that rendered few results for the population base that would be paying- all of Kaslo and Area D. As well, what was received as input conflicted with the original purpose of building a wharf.

Many indicated that they would like it left as is and returned to the province. However, as crown land can be applied for as tenure, there would be no community input, control nor ownership should we return it to the crown.
We determined that we go back to the drawing board, again, as this is high value land that should be protected for park and green space. But – as the residents it belongs too- what do you want to see here?
– wharf?
– green space?
– picnic/beach area?

The last consultation was via mail and did not render a robust response let alone one that provided clear guidance to Mayor Hewat and I.

The results of this survey will be tabulated late December and brought back to community meetings spring 2019 as draft plans.

Trying again, here is the link the first of many opportunities for community input on what the RDCK should focus on in the creation and management of Lardeau Park. Email, share with anyone who is an Area D or Kaslo resident.…

Friends of the Lardeau River Speaker Series Dec. 6th

39 years!? “Holy Oleo Batman!” In Canada there are records of Little Brown Bats living more than 39 years!

To learn more about bats don’t miss


A Friends of the Lardeau River Speaker Series Presentation.

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Sad news, funding cuts to the Family Centres


Bear Hug

Hi everyone,

North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society has received some very disappointing news about one of our major funding sources for Family Centre programs. The Provincial government has cut our most significant source of funding that supports the Kaslo and Meadow Creek Family Centre programs and their staff.

This cut to funding will mean:
* Cancellation of the Tuesday evening Strong Start dinner program in Kaslo
* Loss of the second facilitator who works in the Strong Start Parent and Child Time program 3 sessions/week. We will need to operate with only one staff member present which will decrease the quality of the program and services we are able to offer to families
* The Mothercare Pregnancy program will be reduced to only being offered twice per month without lunch provided.
* Loss of gas vouchers to attend Family Centre programs and Emergency Food vouchers for families who live with a low income
* Cancellation of the Annual Kaslo Children’s Fair
* Loss of staff coordination hours and wages which will result in fewer services being offered to families
* Termination of monthly visits from community and regional Service Providers during the Strong Start Parent and Child Time program (for example having the Public Health Nurse, Speech and Language Pathologist, Counsellors, Advocacy Centre, etc. come to connect with families during the program).

NKLCSS will be writing a letter to express our concern about this cut to funding and the various ways it will impact services and supports for families living in our rural and remote communities. We invite you to write letters to express your concerns regarding the loss of funding to these valuable programs and services to submit along with our letter.

Your letter could be addressed to the following:
Michelle Mungall, MLA Nelson-Creston
Rob Wicharuk, Director of Operations, MCFD
Katrine Conroy, Minister of Children and Family Development
John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia

Our hope is to submit our letter along with any letters you would like to include as a package in hopes of making the most impact. If you feel inspired to make a contribution, please submit your letter to me in person at the North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society office (336 B Ave) or by email to ( by Tuesday, December 4^th.

Thank you for your support,

Sarah Evans, BA, RT
Early Years Coordinator
Youth Art and Culture Program Coordinator

North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society

The Langham in December!

Art Workshop, Adventure Travel, Santa Talk, Music, FLIKS!
** Hello Friends!

Delightful December Events to entertain, inform and engage during the Holidays!

Let’s Play! Art Workshop with Natasha Smith, Kayak the Mackenzie River with Adventure Travel, the Surprising Story of Santa Claus, marvelous music with The Eisenhauers, and the return (again!) of FLIKS with award-winning documentary Quest.
Just ONE space still available!
Call 250-353-2661 or email to register