Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd is the tenure holder of FL A30171, which includes the Argenta–Salisbury area. CCC is planning to begin forest development work in the Argenta Salisburyarea in the 2017 season. This note is to inform the public of CCC’s development intentions and to open discussions with the community on
how best to share information  between  CCC and the community. The objective is to develop a
process in which CCC can keep the community informed of the company’s development
and for the community to provide input regarding CCC’s development and to identify
specific values of interest CCC should be aware of in their development process.
The company suggests the community form an “Information Sharing Committee” that
would correspond/meet regularly with CCC. This committee would be the spokespeople
for the community so that concerns are identified in a unified form.
CCC will submit regular reports to the Lardeau ValleyLINKS Website providing updates of the planned
forest development that will include maps showing the areas being developed. Field
trips and community meetings can be organized throughout the season when both parties believe these will be informative and productive.
CCC will begin submitting reports to the website in the near future. It will
be up to the community to form a committee and contact CCC regarding scheduling meetings.
Community members can communicate with CCC by email at
Forest Development: To date, CCC has not undertaken any forest development in the
Argenta-Salisbury area. However, the company will begin office mapping within the
next month. This mapping will identify areas of interest for development
and possible road location opportunities,existing visual quality objectives, terrain stability features,
hydrologic features, old growth management areas, ungulate winter range, caribou, and
other identified resource features
This information will be used by the development  contractors when they begin
field work. Field work is expected to begin when the areas are snow-free.
Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd–2017-2022 Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP): CCC has recently
submitted their FSP to First Nations, affected Stakeholder’s & Government Agencies,
and has been advertised to the general public. For interested community members, the
FSP and the Forest Development Unit maps can be reviewed at: