Arts And Culture funding: NEW guidelines for 2018


 I would like to draw your attention to some changes in the current
year funding, and a new program:

Arts Evolution, for arts and cultural
organizations which present or create work, curatorial projects, want to undertake new arts and cultural projects or collaborative works.  In addition, the stipulation that projects be “new” in their entirety has been removed: Funding is designed to support projects. Funding is not available for regular operating costs or existing deficits.

*NEW* The CKCA may consider funding the same type of project again in subsequent years, but this does not guarantee funding for the subsequent year. Applicants must apply again the subsequent year and compete for funding through the regular adjudication process.
Another significant change is as follows:

For 2018-19, the focus of CKCA managed grant programs has shifted to arts &
culture support. Heritage organizations that were previously supported
through CKCA programming can now access new programs at the Trust.

Built Heritage Grants and Heritage, Museum and Archive Grants support the
preservation of built heritage assets and the varied work of heritage
organizations. There is also a dedicated heritage planner from Heritage BC
available to work with heritage organizations in the Basin. You can learn
more about these programs at  <> CKCA staff cannot assist with inquiries about the
Trust heritage programs.

Because the Trust is providing heritage support through other channels, and
the CKCA granting budget remains the same, there is actually increased
funding overall in support of arts and cultural projects this year.

I also want to remind you that the Trust is currently accepting applications
for Arts and Culture Venue Grants:


Deadline: February 1, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. MT

Please read through the material on the website and contact the CKCA office
if you have any further questions.
Best regards,

Krista Patterson

West Kootenay Regional Arts Council
Kootenay Arts E-Bulletin
Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
Columbia Basin Culture Tour

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Message from Area D Director Watson…



As our beautiful communities are blanketed in snow and we prepare for the annual holiday season, I want to express gratitude to all those who contribute to our communities. Did you know Kaslo and Area D has one of the highest, if not the highest, rates of non profits per capita?

There are many interpretations of what that says about our region. Small, remote populations rely much more on volunteers to provide essential services such as search and rescue, first responders and firefighters.

One could also observe that we have a high value for social care such as family programs, xmas hampers, mentoring and senior care.

Whatever the perspective, many of us donate our time, care and energy to events, program and services because we care deeply about each other and where we live.

While it is dangerous to start naming those who have given so much as I could very well forget others by not naming them, I am going to take that risk and call out a massive THANK YOU with a hug of gratitude to a few that I personally could not have accomplished what I did this year without them.

First off- RICHARD BRENTON- a man of endless talents and opinions; all highly valued. His historical knowledge of the region combined with intensive research into such issues as the Culex studies on mosquito production in the Lardeau Valley have not only kept me informed but have enabled this region to finally see a financial return into the program from BC Hydro based on Duncan Dam operations. One of his many contributions, I could spend a day reporting all of the areas Richard has provided concise, informed input into important issues in the region. For now, a simple and very genuine, THANK YOU.

TERRY PETERSEN and CHRIS FREYTA of JB Fletchers Society; the work you and the team are doing to restore the historical building as well as monuments such as the oak tree that was gifted in 1937 to the community commemorating the coronation of George VI, highlight the cultural history that gave birth to the modern day community of Ainsworth.

SANDRA REMPEL, CARI LAMOUREUX , JOHN SEDAN, TRACY REMPLE and VAL SMITH; what haven’t you helped with?? From senior’s care in the home, organizing a diverse variety of workshops for all ages, keeping the hall running and making lunches for the ALL the kids- AN ENDLESS LIST. You enable our communities to not only function, but blossom.

DEB BORSOS- I can’t name all the things you’ve helped with as it too is an endless list, but I can say how much I appreciate your insight, candor and tireless efforts no matter the issue. Your dedication combined with a sense of humor that keeps me light and focused forward have been highlights to many meetings.

I could go on! (as usual) This list is a very short snapshot of some of the amazing people that make Area D so wonderful to live in. Over the holidays, I will be disconnected from work- no emails or calls and certainly no meetings! (amazing what qualifies as ‘the best gift’ when one is an adult). But I will continue these posts- look for other Area D residents to be acknowledged and thanked for their contributions.

Merry Christmas!