Logging trucks in Meadow Creek


A quick note to clarify facts and provide an update from the Ministry of Transportation to the community.

Over a year ago, as Director, I was contacted by residents with concerns over logging trucks speeding through the Jewett school zone. Roads in rural areas are not local government jurisdiction, so I forwarded these concerns to both the Ministry of Transportation (MOTi) and the licensee- Cooper Creek Cedar (CCC).

As a result, MOTi requested CVSE and the RCMP patrol the area which resulted in CCC trucks being re-directed to Duncan Haul Rd, which according to CVSE, was intended for industrial traffic.

I supported the concerns expressed and left the issue in the hands of MOTi, as the approving authority.

The shift to Duncan Haul Rd was based on its industrial purpose, not to shift the risk to Duncan Haul Rd residents from those on Meadow Creek Rd in the school zone. I state this as the communications I am receiving is pitting neighbors against the school, which is completely unacceptable. It was not based on who should be exposed to more risk than others but rather, what was known as a safety issue at the time.

Jewett School hosts 25+ residents up to 5 days a week. When I get calls and emails reporting logging trucks speeding through-the school zone, I consider that a significant concern. When I receive emails reporting trucks cannot make a safe turn onto, or off, Duncan Haul Rd, it’s a significant concern. I have forwarded all these concerns to MOTi as the appropriate authority. My input into the issue has been to prioritize safety as best as possible without suggesting- or assuming – it is because one set of neighbors is ‘less important’.

We share these roads, and everyone’s safety is at the same level of importance. I respectfully request that we focus on working together to ensure a safe community for everyone moving forward.

If Duncan Haul Rd was intended for industrial traffic but not designed to allow for it, that is a separate issue that can be raised with MOTI if the problems persist.

With that, here is the most recent communication I have had from MOTi regarding their decision of what road the logging trucks should use:
“MoTI’s position is that the routing of the trucks is the discretion of CCC and their professional contracted drivers. MoTI will not be restricting the haul routes through Meadow Creek except where/when seasonal load restrictions are necessary.
The public concern regarding perceived safety issues at the school on Meadow Creek Rd is equal to the concern about safety at the corner on to Duncan Dam Site Haul Rd.
In keeping with usual practice, we ask that CCC work with the community regarding their concerns (e.g. ensuring minimal conflict during periods of heightened activity at the school) and continue to abide by posted speed limits.”

Should residents continue to have concerns, the following contacts are essential:
1. Kristen Spearman
Road Area Manager, Ministry of Transportation Nakusp/New Denver/Kaslo
(250) 265-3522
C: (250) 551-1145
2. Bill Kestell, RPF
Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd
Woodlands Manager
Phone: 250-229-4536
Cell: 250-505-4476
3. Aimee Watson
RDCK Director – Electoral Area D
Cell: (250) 304-5842