LARDEAU VALLEY Non profit, cooperative and other GROUPS

We have between 30 and 40 groups in the Lardeau Valley area, most who operate as non profit societies or cooperatives and others who formed to focus on a purpose. Some of these listed offer programs in the Lardeau Valley, but are located in Kaslo.

Lardeau Valley Groups:

 Advisory Planning Committee – RDCK Area D  Representative/s from Area D plus  Area D Director sit on this committee which makes recommendations regarding land use in the area. Regular updates are posted in the Pennywise, or you can contact the RDCK for more info: 1 800 268 7325

  Argenta Cemetery – A committee which cares for the Argenta Cemetery and arranges for burial there for anyone who resides north of Schroeder Creek in the Kootenay Lake / Lardeau Valley area. The Argenta Cemetery was opened officially in 1953. Contact Argenta Cemetery Committee, GD Argenta BC V0G1B0


Argenta Community Association – A Non profit group which cares for the physical building (the Argenta Community Centre) and all things related to this, such as events, workdays, etc. To book the hall please email: or for other info contact: Argenta Community Association, G.D. Argenta BC V0G1B. or email:

The Argenta post office

Argenta Library Located in the basement of the Argenta Community hall, the collection consists of books for all ages, audiobooks, and DVDs.  Materials may be borrowed with an annual membership.  Public Internet access computers and wireless are available.  Open part-time Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Contact the library for hours at

Argenta Emergency Preparedness Group –  A group formed to obtain fire fighting equipment, train firefighters (for wildfires) as well as  helping to prepare the community  for evacuation in case of emergency. Contact


Argenta Monthly Meeting of Quakers – founded in the 1950’s by a group of Quakers (Religeous Society of Friends) who had relocated from the United States. The original meeting house, located on the shore of Kootenay Lake, is now privately owned. The current Meeting House is half way up the Argenta road (driveway on the left). Meeting for worship is at 11:00 each Sunday. All are welcome. Contact: Clerk, Argenta Monthly Meeting General Delivery Argenta BC Canada V0G1B0

 Argenta Water Power Co-op – A cooperative formed in the 1950’s to share in the ongoing operation of the power plant which provides power to a percentage of the community. Hugh Elliot, an electrical engineer and resident of Argenta, designed and helped to care for the power plant for many years as well as designing and helping to run a community freezer which was used extensively up until a few years ago.

Friends of the Lardeau River – A non profit society formed to help protect and care for the Lardeau River corridor.

Gar Creek Water Users Association: Formed in 2012, this group was formed to find a permanent source of drinking, irrigation and fire suppressiion water for the south side of Johnsons Landing . Contact

 Howser Water Users Association

Jewett Elementary School 250 366-4224  Our local elementary school is well supported in the Lardeau Valley. Currently there are 1 teacher and students from K to Gr.4.

Johnsons Landing Community Association – A non profit society focused on the care and maintenance of the community hall and grounds in Johnsons Landing. Contact: President, JLCA: RR1 S4 C25 Kaslo BC V0G1M0.

  Kaslo Area Birders – This group meets in various locations around the north Kootenay Lake area for birding outings. They also have nest box programs in this area.
Contact: Marlene: 366 4474

 Kaslo InfoNet – Lardeau – The Kaslo infoNet Society (KiN) is a non-profit society formed in 1996 to build a community access network for Kaslo and its neighbouring communities. KiN is dedicated to achieving local access to global information and creating a presence for the North Kootenay Lake communities on the World Wide Web. Contact

Lakehead & Beyond Produce Society – The purposes of the society are to: grow, promote and encourage sustainable agriculture for distribution to members of the Lardeau Valley and beyond. Also, to assist and educate community members in sustainable agricultural practices. Contact PO Box 14, Meadow Creek BC V0G1N0

Local grown food organically  Supplying community supported agriculture (CSA) offering produce deliveries weekly.

History of Lakehead to present:

In 2009, a group of Lardeau Valley community members pulled together to form Lakehead and Beyond Produce, a not-for-profit society that set out to help rebuild the strong, healthy agricultural & horticultural economy our valley once knew.  With uncertainties over what land would be available to begin and a multitude of ideas being bantered about, a noticeable gap in the market for a CSA program steered Lakehead toward its first opportunity.  (CSA- Community Supported Agriculture, is a program where community members can buy a share of the farm’s produce.  The share is purchased at the beginning of the season, and in return, the shareholder receives a weekly box of the freshest, naturally grown, seasonal produce over the growing season.  For more information visit

In 2010, the Lakehead board members leased approximately 2 acres of land in the heart of Meadow Creek.  Volunteers worked together to fence the property, prepare the land, and build the first greenhouse.  Garlic went in that autumn and a further array of crops went in the following spring.  One full-time and two part-time workers were hired, CSA shares sold quickly and the first year proved to be a success.  Now in the second year the, CSA program has gained many more shareholders and has proved itself to be the ideal flagship for increasing the awareness for the necessity of building local, sustainable food sources.

Having the Lakehead Market Gardens has provided the local primary school with learning opportunities through visits to the farm throughout the season, and housed the children’s squash growing project, it provided the local Harvest Festival with an agricultural backdrop which allowed for a multitude of produce oriented fun and games; it ensured a plentiful supply of fresh farm vegetables, (often wheel-barrowed direct to market from the field!) to the new Meadow Creek Sunday Market, and has provided farm tours and growing advice to visitors from near and far.  Other Lakehead projects now include a management project for the invasive thistles which have wreaked havoc on so much of the Valley’s valuable farm land, creating a hub that can provide practical advice and help to locals wishing to work and create an income from their land, and excitingly, this year has seen Lakehead embarking on a challenging project to create a seed potato industry in the valley.

In 2011 a permanent home for Lakehead was found, and the vision to provide the Lardeau Valley with an agricultural & horticultural resource hub has come closer to becoming a reality.  Thanks to amazing support from some incredibly generous local community members, a 20+ acre site in Meadow Creek has been purchased, and Lakehead has a long term lease.  The hard but rewarding work continues!

Lardeau Fire Protection A local (Lardeau) group of volunteers formed to protect their community from fire emergencies. Contact:Ph: 250 366-4100

  Lardeau Valley Community Club The purposes of the society are to manage and maintain a community hall to be used for cultural, recreational, education and other community activities and to promote community improvement. Contact: LVCC PO Box 108 Meadow Creek BC V0G1N0 Ph: 250 366 4236  email: (hall manager:)


Lardeau Valley Emergency Preparedness Committee: A group formed to share information and host events of benefit to LV residents in order to raise awareness and understanding about being prepared for emergency events that may occur. Contact

Lardeau Valley Food Co-op. A long running cooperative located in Argenta BC for bulk food purchases.

Lardeau Valley Historical Society – Incorporated for a second time in September of 1989, this non profit society was formed to care for the historic buildings and values of the Lardeau Valley area.The Museum is located on Highway 31 in Meadow Creek, just past the Lardeau Valley Community Club hall and is open during July and August on the weekends, or by appointment. Contact, or: PO Box 74 Meadow Creek BC V0G1N0.    EMail:

 Lardeau Water Users – Ph:250 366-4467

 North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society offers support services for the communities of Kaslo,North Kootenay Lake, the Lardeau Valley and the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. Our Family Centres at JVH school in Kaslo and Jewett Elementary School in Meadow Creek offer programming for families with young children. From our office in Kaslo we offer counselling fore mental health and addictions, children, women, victims of crimes, and family support. The Food Hub in Kaslo has books on food and gardening, a baby emergency supplies cupboard, garden and kitchen tools for rent, a bulk buying club and a Food Cupboard for families and individuals who are needing emergency food. We also offer the Lifeline service, a button that you wear that can summon help if you need it while you are in and around your home. Please check out our website to learn more:

 North Kootenay Lake Arts & Heritage Council The North Kootenay Lake Arts & Heritage Council sponsors the Kaslo Saturday Market; an annual Art Walk in the downtown area; a scholarship for students wishing to pursue post secondary training in the arts, history, or journalism; Art in the Market summer programs; and an annual Gallery Show at the Langham Cultural Centre. In addition, NKLAHC provides access to grants made available by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance. Arts Advocacy is at the top of their list of concerns. Contact P.O. Box 1045 Kaslo BC VOG 1MO

  North Kootenay Lake Bear Smart Program: For information on keeping fruit trees safe, keeping bears out , etc, Contact or ph: 250 366-4232

Parent Advisory Committee – c/o Jewett Elementary School.



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