Fabulous Farmers….!

The farmers of the Lardeau Valley have been featured in the “Lardeau Valley Agricultural Showcase” now available in hardcopy and online through www.pennywiseads.com.

Please check out the online Penny wise , or look for the latest hardcopy to view this great new guide to agriculture in our area. Hosted by Links, with many thanks to the Pennywis for their help and generous support in presenting this.

CCC: Correction

February 4, 2018

Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd (CCC) has been informed there is some confusion regarding the most recent CCC update to the LINKS website. This note is to clarify the confusion.

  1. CCC was asked to share the LiDAR information with the Argenta-Johnsons Landing (AJL) community by various members of the community. As described in the previous update, LiDAR (Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging) mapping is a combination of high resolution aerial photography and 3D point data. The 3D point data collected for the Argenta unit is extremely accurate. On average the data is within a 10cm accuracy range and can detect features like forest cover density (canopy closure), tree heights and slope assesments. CCC invested in LiDAR to have a tool that would help in CCC’s overall forest development – from initial mapping to professionals using the tool to gain better information for their specific assessments. The maps posted in the previous update were simply LiDAR maps to show the community the information CCC is utilizing to enhance their forest development and assessments. As with all technology, individuals with knowledge of LiDAR get more out of the tool than others. As CCC has not started any forest development in the AJL area, the attached maps are simply LiDAR maps with no additional information. CCC will contiunue to submit maps in following LINKS submissions; however, some of the maps may be too large to handle. CCC will post the maps on CCC’s website: https://coopercreekcedar.com/
  2. It was discussed, and agreed awhile ago, that CCC would post forest development updates and share other information on the local LINKS website. There is no collaboration with the custodian(s) of LINKS with CCC. The submissions to LINKS are simply the same as CCC posting information on CCC’s website; except that the LINKS website is a local AJL community website.

CCC trusts this update addresses any confusion.

Submitted by:

Bill Kestell, RPF

Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd

Woodlands Manager