Saturday, March 10th, 10 – 12 noon at the Seniors’ Hall

The Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake are pleased to invite you to attend our AGM for 2018.


We are celebrating our 5th anniversary since beginning to offer hospice services to our community as the new Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake.

The support from our community has continued to grow and we are grateful for what this has enabled us to offer.

We would like to share with you about our accomplishments in 2017 and our plans for 2018.

Many grant applications require us to state how many members the society has, as well as the attendance at our AGM.

You can demonstrate your support for our society by attending and by purchasing your 2018 membership for $10.00.

(Please see the statement below that clarifies membership in our society.)

We’ll appreciate the show of your support at our AGM.

HSNKL Board of Directors:

Jane Ballantyne, Mandy Bath, Jeannie Brown, David Cheatley, Julie Kucera,

Emily Mattes, Karen Pidcock, Phyllis White and Margaret-Ann Winn,


Executive Director: Chelsea Van Koughnett


Statement Regarding Membership in The Hospice Society Of North Kootenay Lake

  • Membership in the Society is a means by which individuals demonstrate their support for the activities of HSNKL.
  • Membership numbers are a measurable expression of community commitment to HSNKL and are often requested by potential grant-giving bodies to whom the society may apply for funding.
  • Membership carries no obligations or responsibilities.  We do encourage members to attend the AGM to hear about the past year’s activities, vote on adoption of the annual reports and to elect the Board of Directors.
  • There is no expectation that members engage in hospice-related activities.
  • HSNKL is grateful for those who do choose to volunteer their time, in addition to being members of the society. Information on volunteer opportunities is available from Chelsea Van Koughnett, Executive Director: 250-353-2299, hospice@kaslo.org.

Feb 26 : RDCK Budget meeting in the LV.

From Director Watson

North Kootenay Lake residents Lardeau and North:

The RDCK does an annual budget roadshow to present the proposed budget for the upcoming year and ask the residents for their input. This budget is where we determine taxation rate based on service demands. Historically the meeting for Kaslo and Area D has been held in Kaslo. This year, there will be a meeting at the Lardeau Valley hall on February 26th at 2pm to be more accessible to our remote residents.