AST-1 Course

AST-1 Course being offered locally, it’s the perfect intro course for anyone wanting to get into the backcountry and be safe. Contact Kaslo Search and Rescue to sign up, cost of $231. The course will be Saturday March 24th in Kaslo, and then Sunday in Nelson the 25th at Whitewater.

Kaslo SAR on Face Book:   “Kaslo Search and Rescue”.


Job….. Deadline April 2nd 2018.

HIRING: Kaslo, BC Trail Coordinator Position!
Kaslo Outdoor Recreation and Trails Society (KORTS) is seeking applications for a Trail Coordinator on a contract basis. The position has a scope of 280 hours @ $30/hr.
Rural Economic Development Ad Kaslo Outdoor Recreation and Trails Society (KORTS) is seeking applications for a Trail Coordinator on a contract basis. The position has a scope of 280 hours @ $30/hr Expectations: - Coordinate with local trail user groups, - Build an inventory of existing trails and develop a digital data base of these trails, - Provide a central point of contact for user groups, - Plan and prioritize future trail maintenance and development, - Consult with greater community to facilitate a recognized and acceptable trail development plan, - Develop a unified trail signage plan. - May be involved in planning and supervising summer work crew. - Drafting a foundation for the development of a trail master plan.
The successful will have: - Experience in community planning and consultation. - Background and familiarity with accepted trail design practices. - Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills. For inquiries email To apply submit resume and cover letter to attn. Stu Heard. Applications will be accepted until midnight of Monday, April 2nd.

Information re: the Affected Areas/Community Initiatives grant process



Kaslo Housing society update: AGM April 4

Since our AGM is coming up on April 4th, we’d like to take a moment to talk about exactly what we’ve been doing this past year, and where we envision going in 2018.
Our immediate goal has been to create a multi-residential housing development on the Village land behind the public works yard, sometimes referred to as “Lovers”. The Village has agreed to grant a 99-year lease to KHS for this parcel of land. We are in the preliminary stages of planning for this housing development. So far, our vision includes a combination of single and family apartments which share some community-building spaces such as a courtyard, common lounge, garden, and a commercial kitchen area. These apartments would be dedicated rental units, available at reasonable market rates and affordable for average individuals and families in Kaslo. We chose this project because the need for stable rental housing is severe and worsening. Our proposed building project would significantly increase the number of available, secure, rental units. We believe the addition of these units would alleviate housing pressure and safeguard the vitality of our community. The results of our application for funding this project will be presented at the AGM on April 4th.
It is important to mention that rental housing addresses only one part of the housing crisis. We are also investigating ways to facilitate home ownership for residents. In the long-term, we envision another project which will allow residents who have reliable income, but who may not qualify for a standard mortgage, to enter the housing market through a shared-equity ownership model.
As many of you already know, we recently secured funding for a local Housing Coordinator position. This position is the first of its kind in the area. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who applied for this posting. This process was new to our board, and we were lucky to have a broad range of skills and experience to choose from. We reviewed all the applications very carefully, and conducted interviews with several candidates. You can expect to meet your new Housing Coordinator at our upcoming AGM.
We are excited that 2018 will see us advancing toward our goals, and we hope you will be a part of our journey.
See you at the AGM, Kaslo Housing Society
P.S. We will be looking for volunteers to help with our fundraising activities this year, so stay tuned!

update on Roads from Director W.


Hamill Creek/Argenta/Johnsons Landing residents:

I met with Ministry of Transportation last week to tour your roads. I was personally appalled by the state of them and had no idea they were so dangerous. As soon as we hit the bridge, District Manager for Ministry of Transportation- Bart Chenuz- was also not impressed. He would like to express his apologies to the communities for the state of the road and will be working asap to remedy it. You will see a deep level grading to remove the deep potholes and the road will remain with load restrictions at this time- at 70%.
However, road upgrades will not be possible until the melt and frost are complete. Engineering wise, it makes no sense to do the work until the road has completely thawed and they can dig deep to remedy the various deep wells.
In terms of the sloughing in various spots (Turtle Crossing, Argenta beach) there is not much that can be done as it is the natural landscape of the hills to be releasing the debris as spring melt continues. He will look into options, but short of blasting it all out, which is not feasible, its not an easy fix.

He wanted me to share with the communities that he is very sorry for the state of the road, he will see it fixed as soon as weather permits and should you have concerns moving forward, feel free to contact him directly.

His contact is:
Bart Chenuz


Lardeau Valley Telus update:

Update from Director Watson: 

Our emergency services staff and two local stakeholders (Marlene Johnston and Rik Valentine) attended a meeting with Telus representative last week. Here are the highlights:

– while the initial discussion was heated and I was reminded that Telus is not an essential service, meaning they are not required to ensure uninterrupted service, we did get to some positive actions

– Telus heard us when we illustrated the remote nature and risks to the community when the land lines are out

– most of the issues are related to the instability in power ( I have also met with BC Hydro about this)

– with that, we focused on solutions rather then debate the merits of a corporate mandate vs community safety

– Thanks Rik and Marlene, the following options are being explored by Telus:

– ensuring all battery back up systems are running optimally. There are a few that have dual back up but have not been operating as such

– will explore the ability to have the back up batteries tied into the Argenta Water Power Coop

– will explore the ability to hire a contractor and/or casual employee that would be trained by Telus but lives in the Lardeau Valley to be able to charge and maintain batteries in a power outage.

– local government advocacy for installing a cell tower in the north end of Kootenay Lake

– will also advocate that payphones are maintained and remain

Will keep you posted on progress as I hear it!


Agricultural Business specialist available in Columbia Basin…

Columbia Basin Trust’s Basin Business Advisors now offers a full-time Agriculture Specialist

(Columbia Basin) – Farms and agricultural producers can now get specialized business advice through Columbia Basin Trust’s Basin Business Advisors (BBA) thanks to a new full-time agriculture business specialist.

BBA has been providing free, one-to-one, confidential business counselling and assessment services to businesses throughout the Basin since 2000.

“Our region’s agriculture sector has been growing and the BBA team is evolving to help meet its specific needs,” said Lisa Kilpatrick, Columbia Basin Trust Senior Manager, Economic. “By having an advisor dedicated to agriculture, the program will be able to uniquely support their businesses challenges, as well as help residents access local healthy food.”

BBA’s new Agriculture Specialist, Tracey Fredrickson, has over 15 years’ experience advising hundreds of businesses and has particularly focused on agriculture over the past five years.

“The Columbia Basin has a diversity of farm operators with the desire to grow,” said Fredrickson. “After many years providing businesses advice in all sectors, agriculture has become my passion. I look forward to dedicating my skills and experience to working with farm operators on the business side of farming to help them achieve their goals and grow a dynamic agriculture sector for the region overall.”

Agriculture businesses can receive advice in areas such as production costing, marketing and branding, and expansion feasibility. BBA may also connect businesses with more specialized agriculture consultants who can address unique business needs of a variety of producers. This service works in conjunction with the Kootenay Farm & Boundary Advisors, who focus on the science of agriculture.

“Tracey is a great addition to the Advisor team and brings her ‘business of farming’ experience to producers and farms that need help to make their operations more profitable,” said Will Nixon, BBA’s Program Manager. “We have a strong team of business advisors with diverse experiences and skill sets, so we are able to access direct experience to assist a client in whatever their field happens to be.”

To learn more about BBA, visit<> or contact<> or 1.855.510.2227.
Delivered by Community Futures, the program is funded by the Trust, which lists agriculture as one of its 13 strategic priorities.

Columbia Basin Trust supports the ideas and efforts of the people in the Columbia Basin. To learn more about the Trust’s programs and initiatives, and how it helps deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the Basin, visit<> or call 1.800.505.8998.