July 17 at 10:00

Tomorrow July 17 at 10 AM, be there! Duncan Dam office/warehouse Meadow Creek BC.

Stop insane experimental killing of these Blue listed ‘Species of Special Concern’.

Join Friends of the Lardeau River tomorrow at 10 AM to protest Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations plan to cull 200 Bull trout from the Duncan/Lardeau River system. Further insane Bull trout culling is planned by netting select tributaries of Kootenay Lake.

This is covert action by Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations – Province of British Columbia with no public consultation.

The facts are as follows:

—Fisheries Branch intends to cull an unknown-to-us-total of bull trout from the Kootenay Lake system.

—Tomorrow (Tuesday) July 17, the first phase is happening in the tailrace below Duncan Dam, where they aim to catch and cull up to 200. This phase is scheduled to start at 10AM.

—Later this summer, they intend to stretch nets across 3 rivers/creeks flowing into Kootenay Lake and catch/kill outmigrating bull trout.

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Goat news…..

from Friends of the Lardeau River:

Thanks to all who phoned the MOT re concerns of Mountain goats and traffic on Hwy 31 north of Lardeau. The Ministry listened and hired a Mountain goat specialist. This week a group of volunteers placed a variety mineral salts at select locations high above the road.

Apparently the shift to succulent green vegetation each spring alters the goats’ mineral balance causing them to seek minerals, they are most often seen at this location Apr through July.

Of course there is no guarantee the goats won’t be back on the road, please drive carefully.

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Wildland Urban Interface in Community Forest Tenures – Fire Protection Planning in Kaslo – Fire Protection Collaboration

Presented by the Kaslo and District Community Forest:

July 12, 2018
Kaslo Senior’s Hall



(KDCFS Management – 10 min.)

Presentations (45 min)

Community Forests: Role in the Wildland Urban Interface from the perspective of the British Columbia Community Forest Association
(Susan Mulkey, BCCFA Manager of Extension and Communication – 15 min)

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan and an Overview of current politics, funding agencies and the Roles of the Local Stakeholders
(John Cathro, RPF, Co-author of the Kaslo and Area D CWPP and Nora Hannon, Wildfire Mitigation Supervisor, RDCK – 20 min)

Wildfire First Responders – Isolated communities
(Rik Valentine, representing the Argenta Emergency Preparedness Group (AEPG) – 10 min)

Invited panel guests: Douglas Yee, Fire Chief Kaslo Fire Dept,
Rob Mitchell, Forest Fuel Management Specialist, First Nations Emergency Services Society

Questions and Discussion