Farm certification in the Kootenays…

Kootenay Mountain Grown Farm Certification is now simpler than ever with new application forms, pay-what-you-can fees (as low as $30), and an expanded region stretching from Rock Creek to Revelstoke to Fernie. APPLY NOW and help us create a bigger and more vibrant community of sustainable, ethical, earth-friendly farms than ever before!

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Property Assessements: Message from Director Watson:

Area D residents and businesses- I am getting a lot of calls about your property assessments. In an attempt to assist, I will provide what information I can here. Please share.

BC Assessment is a Provincial organization- they set their own criteria and decisions that local government is not involved in. I can say that I am aware Area D’s overall assessment went up an estimated 17%, apparent impact has been a 30% increase in the category of ‘light industry’.

I have no ability to alter or challenge your assessments but I do strongly encourage everyone who disagrees with them to appeal as soon as possible. Some reports of lots going up 40% that have been for sale for decades really do not make sense. Your only course of action is to call BC Assessment ask for criteria on increases to property values, be specific with your property and appeal where appropriate. The information to do so is on your property assessment, or go here: