Survey….from the Young Agrarians..

From  the new Columbia Basin Young Agrarians Coordinator who  will be organizing farm related events across the Kootenays:

” I want the events to be meaningful and relevant so I have created a survey to see what type of events farm folk are interested in attending in their area.

The survey is here:…/1FAIpQLSeEiaz-Jq0Sa28IU0…/viewform
Thank you for your great ideas and feedback!”




more from Director Watson:

The RDCK is preparing for the legalization of cannabis, see proposed amendments to Official Community Plans and zoning, fill out the survey and be sure to provide your feedback!
There will be sub-regional community meetings and one public hearing for the Central Kootenay District, which I get to Chair. Stay tuned for dates.

Details here:…/community-pl…/cannabis-regulations.html

Wildfire & Climate Change conference notes.

From Director Watson:

This week I attended the Wildfire & Climate Change conference in Nelson. The Kaslo and District Community Forest  sums it up well – (see bottom of this post), but  I will add two outcomes from my perspective:

First- we recognize that the historical way of managing forests has caused a ripe environment for massive fires. This conference brought to my attention that we do need to manage our forests, how is the debate. As in farming, mono-cropping and reducing diversity are two of the primary culprits in our current situation. Managing forests into the future needs to focus on integrating biological diversity with various forms of fuel breaks, akin to taking a permaculture approach to forest management. While forest management is not a local government service, understanding how to reduce the risk from a Wildfire and Emergency Services perspective is essential in how we design fuel prescriptions.

Second- Area D has several high priority areas I will be focusing on, Argenta/Johnsons Landing being one. I was grateful to see several community champions from these communities in the audience, engaging and planning. Fuel prescriptions that have recieved successful funding for the upcoming season are:
Glacier Creek
Kaslo Back Road and
Kaslo Airport area
I will be providing funding to support these projects. Each one will include community consultation in the near future.

Fire Smart starts at home- then the community- then the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)- then the landscape level.

The RDCK has 8 Wildfire Mitigation specialists this year that you can call on to assess your home and will assist all communities that would like to acquire Fire Smart status. As an added bonus- I will award a $1350 grant to each community that does attain Fire Smart status. In Area D, we have Woodbury Village and the BackRoad community who have been successful so far. In the cue: Lardeau and Loki Lots!

To request a residential Fire Smart assessment OR as a community champion that would like to inquire about the community recognition program, please call or email:


From Kaslo and District Community Forest: Summary of Wildfire conference

The sold out Nelson Wildfire and Climate Change Conference is underway with close to an even attendance of field professionals and community. Attention is highly focused on the packed schedule of expert speakers invited from Canada to New Mexico, but the days maintain a great flow thanks to the many skilled local volunteers and hosts. While management of carbon balance remains a complex topic, the urgent message that we need to restore an ecosystem managed by controlled, landscape level fire events is a message understood by all.

We heard that forest fuel accumulations have reached critical levels due to years of fire supression and that climate extremes are expected to become the new norm, precipitating frequent ingitions. Over the course of the past 2 days the hushed audience listened to several personal and heartfelt accounts of presenters and guests personally affected by catastrophic events of the 2017 wildfires. It was apparent that no one was prepared for the scale of trauma these events bring along.

We will bring messages heard at the conference to our community meeting on July 12 and have invited John Cathro to give an update to the Community Wildfire Protection Plan [CWPP] as well.


Kaslo Food Hub Newsletter Summer 2018

In this issue….Edible Garden Tour 2018, Kaslo Saturday Market begins, Nutrition Coupon Program expands, Food Hub Gardens, and more!

Edible Garden Tour 2018
Sunday, July 22nd, 10am-3pm.

Mark your calendars and save the date! Green thumbs across Kaslo and area have been busy planting their gardens, and now we’re ready to showcase some examples of great food-producing gardens in our annual Edible Garden Tour. This is your chance to “peer over the neighbour’s fence” and see how they manage to grow all that food! Bring a friend with you and walk through select gardens in Kaslo and area and pick up some tips from the gardeners themselves on how and why the grow they way they do.

A mainstay of our tour is the wonderfully diverse and vibrant Kaslo Community Gardens. The community garden club will be hosting an educational workshop there after the tour, at 3pm, that is open to the public. We’ll announce more details shortly.
Door prizes are donated by local Kaslo businesses and garden tour participants can enter a draw to win!

This is an NKLCSS event supported by Columbia Basin Trust.

Kaslo Saturday Market
10am-2pm Weekly

The Kaslo Saturday Market, brought to you by NKLCSS, has started it’s 2018 season. We’re back with a great diversity of vendors – from farmers selling produce, meat, eggs and flowers to artists and crafters with unique hand-made items, there is something for everyone here. Weekly music organized by the NKL Arts and Heritage council features many of your favourite local musicians, and the Art in the Market tent always has a hands-on art activity to keep you and your family busy exploring your creative side.

Come down to Front Street Park and rub shoulders with your neighbours at this community event!

** Farmer’s Market Nutrition Coupon Program Expands in Kaslo, supports 88 participants

Thanks to the BC Association of Farmer’s Markets and the BC Ministry of Health we are once again able to provide low-income families, seniors and pregnant mothers with coupons for the Kaslo Saturday Market in 2018. This program aims to increase the health and nutrition of participants by providing increased access to fresh, seasonal foods like fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy and herbs.

It’s a win-win situation, as each family receives $21 in coupons weekly that can be spent at our local farmer’s market. The money then goes directly into the pockets of our local food producers, increasing their viability. Thanks to this program the Kaslo Food Hub is able to provide a total of $9,072 of coupons to our participants in 2018!
Participating vendors at the Kaslo Saturday Market display this sign to let customers know they can use their market coupons here!

Garden Volunteers Wanted!
Our Kaslo Food Hub gardens are almost completely planted, and we’ve even started some of our first harvests of greens and herbs. This food is distributed through our food bank program, and provides high quality fresh produce. We have a crew of three volunteers helping Patrick and we’re looking for a few more individuals who would like to join us. Contact us if you’d like to spend some time helping in the garden, it’s fun, social and rewarding!

We wish to thank the Kaslo Community Garden Club and St. Andrew’s United Church for donating space for us to grow food in.

Community Root Cellar Helping Local Farmers and Gardeners

One of the services we offer at our Food Hub is access to our “community root cellar” which is actually a high-quality refrigerated walk-in cooler. For a small fee, you can rent space in this cooler, and recently we’ve seen an increase of people taking advantage of this opportunity.

This past winter we had more people storing root vegetables from their gardens than ever before, allowing them to hold carrots, beets and other crops in ideal shape until well into the spring. Proper storage temperatures also mean that food retains maximum nutritional value longer.

Now with the coming of the farming season we already have two local farms renting space in our cooler as ways to get their food to customers and make sure it stays in ideal conditions. There is an extra benefit for our food bank program as both farmers are also donating food to us occassionally. Last month we had 77 bunches of kale donated that we distributed to families in need!

** Our Harvest Share

Food Recovery Program asks…
“Grow A Row for Us”

As the gardening season starts we want to ask our supporters in the community to consider donating any of your surplus garden produce to us throughout the season. We’re blessed to have many generous gardeners in Kaslo stop by to share some of the abundance of their gardens, allowing us to distribute fresh cucumbers, lettuce, greens, tomatoes, zuchinis and more. It makes a big difference to our Food Cupboard offerings when we can put out wonderful fresh produce. So please, keep us in mind when your garden is bursting with so much food you can’t even eat it all. Or, if you have room, consider planting an extra row of carrots, radish or beans, just to donate to the Food Hub. Your contributions make a big difference!

If you’ve been a community donor to this program in the past,  thank you. It’s your generosity that allows us to distribute healthy and nourishing food.

Food Banks BC Conference Delivers Ideas, Connections

Food Hub employees Erin and Patrick recently attended the Food Banks BC annual conference and came home with new ideas on how to deliver improved programming and services. They also made some great connections with other food banks from our regional network including a connection that should result in more regular donations of meat to our food bank program.

Food Hub Supported by Experiential Tourism Company
Our Harvest Share Food Recovery program is happy to be a part of a new experiential tourism venture in Kaslo. Between a Lake and a High Place is marketing a range of unique experiences to tourists and locals alike. One of them is a chance to harvest local fruit that will be donated to our food bank. Tourists experience what it’s like to be a volunteer fruit harvester in our food recovery program, Check out the full description at
Part of our Food Recovery program as an opportunity for tourists to help local Kaslo food security.

We’re proud to be a Good Food Organization, aligned with many other organizations across Canada who work to build food security in our communities.

Contact the Kaslo Food Hub:
Phone: 250-353-7120


Notice from Kaslo & District Community Forest:

The Kaslo & District Community Forest is upgrading the Cooper Face road and constructing 0.5km of new into CP 37 block 2 road this year. An additional 2-5km may be constructed this year as well in preparation for future harvesting.  We will keep you updated with our plans as they progress.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jeff at 250-354-9803 or



Nelson, BC: A mosquito control program operated by the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) in the Meadow Creek/Lardeau Valley area has detected higher than normal mosquito larval activity in the area. The program—which treats floodwaters—has applied treatment to an area more than twice the size of the whole of last year’s treatment.

“The mosquito control program is key to reducing mosquito populations to levels that are manageable for residents and livestock,” said Aimee Watson, Director of Electoral Area D. “We are seeing more mosquito larvae this year because of this spring’s flooding, but the treatment should bring those levels down so residents and visitors can enjoy less mosquito nuisance.”

The RDCK operates two mosquito control programs in Electoral Area D, in the Meadow Creek/Lardeau Valley area and Pine Ridge subdivision south of Kaslo. In both programs, mosquito larvae are regularly monitored throughout the area. Sampling in the Meadow Creek/Lardeau Valley area indicated extensive mosquito larval activity, requiring three widespread applications by helicopter, and a substantial amount of ground treatment.

Read more on the RDCK website:…/spring-flooding-in-meadow-creek-lardea…

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Farm certification in the Kootenays…

Kootenay Mountain Grown Farm Certification is now simpler than ever with new application forms, pay-what-you-can fees (as low as $30), and an expanded region stretching from Rock Creek to Revelstoke to Fernie. APPLY NOW and help us create a bigger and more vibrant community of sustainable, ethical, earth-friendly farms than ever before!

Details in the newsletter…