Area D Director Watson, brief posting

As the Chair for the RDCK, the Chair of our Regional Hospital District and my main job, as your Director, the demands of all three positions have indeed made me less available. I am also now, most excited, to be a member of the Columbia River Treaty Local Government Committee where I am raising many issues I have come to learn about as the director for the Lardeau Valley. I am now heading into my first two day workshop with this committee.

In the meantime, coming up next week, I have meetings with the Ministry of Forests to discuss peer review assessments for logging operations and wildfire mitigation, Resource Recovery, Rural Affairs, All recreation and our monthly Board meeting.

This month at the RDCK Board meeting, we will approve our annual budget. While taxation is going up, thanks to our staff and my persistence, all possible areas of reductions have been made. I will post the full information early next week. With an increasing assessment for Area D, some tax increases will still result in the same rate per thousand so unless your own assessment went up and depending on how much, the impact may be a net zero. Happy to discuss and provide any information you would like on this years budget.
For funding commitments in 2019, please see my previous post.

The following week I head to the coast for CAO/Chair’s forum and hopefully, a meeting with the Minister of Forests.

I am exploring ways I can find time, or support, to do a better job of reporting out to you all, as the constituents I work for. In the meantime, I am in meetings every working day and some into the evening until May 1st. With that, I am not in the office or able to schedule any more meetings until after that date.

I am terribly sorry that this schedule makes me unavailable for all of the fun social events that celebrate our wonderful communities, such as the recent unveiling of the JB Fletchers Store mural in Ainsworth, pictured below. Beautiful and big kudos to Terry and Tammy who work tirelessly to reclaim this historic site. Looking forward to the opening of Betty O’s and a tour through the store.

I am always available via email and phone and will do my best to find a balance that enables me to be present when you need me most.

Thank you for being a constant inspiration that keeps me fueled to do the best I can.

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