History of LINKS:

The Lardeau Valley Opportunity Links Society was founded officially on January 7, 2010. The previous year had been spent in discussion and organization of such a society that would be of benefit to residents, businesses and groups in the Lardeau Valley.

LINKS Constitution:

The purpose(s) of the society are:

  1. To link individuals, businesses, and other groups and organizations
    throughout the Lardeau Valley in order to help build a cohesive structure conducive to enabling community members to live and thrive in the area.

2.To promote and facilitate the social, economic and environmental interests of residents of the Lardeau Valley.

3 To assist individuals, groups or organizstions, who wish to develop projects, services or businesses of balanced benefit to the Lardeau Valley.

4 To operate as a resource “hub”, to provide research, information or assistance via the website and office/staff to projects, services and businesses in the Lardeau Valley.

5 To assist with distribution of funding on behalf of local government and other organizations.

The 2017  LINKS board consists of :


Chair: Jillian Madill (Howser)

V.Chair/Acting Chair: vacant

Secretary: Deborah Bockner (Argenta)

Treasurer: Carl Johnson (Argenta)

 Director at Large:

Mark Mealing (Meadow Creek)

Administrator: Chelsey Leyshon

Web Manager: Deb Borsos


LINKS Office:

The office is available for Lardeau Valley groups needing a place to meet. There is no charge but the office needs to be booked ahead of time.

contact: links@lardeauvalley.com


Links Meetings:

Meetings generally occurr each 2nd month at the LINKS office, located in the basement of the Lardeau Valley Community hall in Meadow Creek, or as needed depending on work to be done, and issues that are time sensitive.

Community Notice boards are located at:

Argenta – at the Argenta PO and Community Centre, Argenta Rd.

Cooper Creek – at Lardeau Valley Service (gas station and convenience store), Highway 31.  Ph 2503664374

Howser – at the notice board in Upper Howser, Howser Station Rd.

Johnsons Landing – at the notice board by the mail boxes at Rogers Rd, near to the mail boxes.

Lardeau – at the notice board by the PO boxes, 4th St.

Meadow Creek – at the notice board outside the Meadow Creek store, Highway 31. Ph 2503664216


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About Us

This website is owned by the Kaslo Infonet Society and for the period June 14, 2011 to June 14, 2014, will be updated, added to and managed by the Lardeau Valley Opportunity Links Society on behalf of both societies.

The Kaslo Infonet Society is registerd in British Columbia, Reg# S-36000

Address: Suite 1 404 Front St Kaslo BC V0G1M0    Contact: www.kin.bc.ca

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