Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS was founded in 2010. LINKS is a community organization that supports and advances the economic, social and environmental well-being of Lardeau Valley residents. Through developing connections and partnerships and increasing awareness of Lardeau Valley resources and concerns, LINKS helps to build a cohesive and vibrant community.

LINKS Executive Board Members:

Chair – Jillian Madill

Secretary – Deborah Bockner

Treasurer – Carl Johnson

Bob Gazzard

Administrator – Nichol Ward

Web Manager – Nichol Ward

The LINKS Office is located in the Lardeau Valley Community Centre, the office is available for Lardeau Valley group meetings. There is no charge but the office needs to be booked ahead of time, contact: links@lardeauvalley.com


Community Notice boards:

Argenta Post Office and Community Centre, Argenta Rd.

Cooper Creek Lardeau Valley gas station and convenience store Highway 31.  Ph: 2503664374

Howser notice board in Upper Howser, Howser Station Rd.

Johnsons Landing notice board near mail boxes and community hall, Rogers Rd.

Lardeau by the PO boxes, 4th St.

Meadow Creek the Meadow Creek store, Highway 31. Ph: 2503664216




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