Lardeau Beach use needs Area D input/vote

The Regional District of Central Kootenay acquired waterfront beach in the small community of Lardeau under a License of Occupation (LOO) about 9 years ago. The original request from the Lardeau Yacht Club was for the purpose of building a wharf. This acquisition and management of the land falls under the shared Kaslo and Area D Recreation Service.

Upon election in 2014, both Mayor Hewat and myself received numerous inquires into the state of the land and dispute over how best it should be created into park and managed. We initiated two consultation processes that rendered few results for the population base that would be paying- all of Kaslo and Area D. As well, what was received as input conflicted with the original purpose of building a wharf.

Many indicated that they would like it left as is and returned to the province. However, as crown land can be applied for as tenure, there would be no community input, control nor ownership should we return it to the crown.
We determined that we go back to the drawing board, again, as this is high value land that should be protected for park and green space. But – as the residents it belongs too- what do you want to see here?
– wharf?
– green space?
– picnic/beach area?

The last consultation was via mail and did not render a robust response let alone one that provided clear guidance to Mayor Hewat and I.

The results of this survey will be tabulated late December and brought back to community meetings spring 2019 as draft plans.

Trying again, here is the link the first of many opportunities for community input on what the RDCK should focus on in the creation and management of Lardeau Park. Email, share with anyone who is an Area D or Kaslo resident.…