Jewett Staff weekly news letter

Sunday, October 7, 2018

As we sit down at our Thanksgiving table, no matter what we are having, take a minute to be thankful!

We live in a free country!
We can speak freely!
We are at peace in our country!
We have an amazing community!
We have access to an awesome, free education system!

Our week at Jewett,October 8-12, 2018

Monday, October 8-Thanksgiving Day
Tuesday, October 9-Strong Start
Wednesday, October 10-Soccer/Badminton with Marco
Hot Lunch
Thursday, October 11-Strong Start
Friday, October 12-Nature Scavenger Hunt with Jane *


Next week will be our early dismissal days so we will be phoning parents to set up an Interim Interview for Tuesday, October 16.

Friday’s Nature Scavenger hunt with Jane will be our last session. Parents are welcome to join us. I will send out more information later in the week.

Lardeau Valley Rideshare

Lardeau Valley Opportunity Links Society present the Lardeau Valley ride share program

LINKS will be hosting a short tutorial for Lardeau Valley residence to receive assistance on how to use the site. Stay tuned for dates at the Argenta Hall, Johnson’s Landing Hall, and the Lardeau Valley Hall.

Here are some links that may help get you started, but feel free to message Nichol Ward at for assistance.

Help on using Rideshare

Safety & Etiquette


We would like to thank the Columbia Basin Trust and, The Regional District of Central Kootenay and, Chelsey Leyshon for getting the wheels turning!