and from your Area D Director:

For a recap of what I have been up too- my Facebook page is a great place to find my activity for the past 4 years. Or, stay tuned. I will be providing more updates as we head into the election season.

Next week, I am at our annual Union of BC Municipalities Convention. I will be meeting with the following ministries:

Ministry of Health- as board chair for the West Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District. We are requesting changes to policy that affects rural health care, an update on the direction of primary care in BC and increased support for rural transportation given centralization of essential services and the loss of the Greyhound service.
I am a presenter for a session about Regional Hospital Districts.
Also, small water systems. A constant issue in rural areas is lack of support and capacity for remote community based water systems. The regulations are cost prohibitive when you have few participants spread through a vast landscape.

Ministry of Agriculture- most relentless issue I have not given up on as I have never received a response, amending the meat inspection regulation to not be punitive to rural producers.

Ministry of Housing- issues with BC Building Code specific to the owner builder certification process. This is being led by Director Faust.

Ministry of Forests-the failures of the professional reliance model and watershed protection. As well, wildfire mitigation in the Wildland Urban Interface and how we can increase our work on this important prevention work. I am working to combine a watershed sustainability plan with landscape level fuel mitigation planning for Argenta Johnsons Landing, so will hopefully get a chance to ask more details about the provision in the Water Sustainability Act to be granted permission to do the watershed planning.

Plus the packed schedule of the convention itself. Never a dull moment in local government!

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