Parent ideas for Speaker Series

Hello parents! I hope you all had a wonderful summer! I’m back in the office and beginning to plan for a new year of parent education at our Kaslo and Meadow Creek Family Centres. I need your ideas to help plan for the upcoming Speaker Series for Parents. Each year, we gather parents’ ideas and wishes for topics and speakers for this series. Typically, the workshops are 2 hours each. Childcare, snacks and good coffee are provided 😉 Gas cards are available for families living on low income to help you get here. It’s a great way to take some time for yourself. While your children are having fun in good hands, you can sit and enjoy listening and sharing ideas with a supportive group of fellow parents.
What would interest you? What are the challenges in your family that could benefit from some new ideas, inspiration and insight?

Perhaps something relating to your child’s development?
Something about family health?
What about an aspect of emotional well-being (focusing on either parents or children)?
Maybe something more active and hands-on? (think parent-child yoga or an art exploration for parents or…)
What about early learning… any ideas how we might explore that as a group?

Send me a quick email with your thoughts and ideas.

Send me multiple emails whenever you think of something!! When I have a good-sized list of ideas (hopefully within a week or two), I’ll share that list and you can let me know which you’d be most interested in attending.

Thanks for supporting our programs!