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In this issue….Pruning Workshop, Hunger Count, Tool Library Fundraiser, New Food Cupboard Coordinator, and more!
Kaslo Food Hub Newsletter

Spring 2018

** Need Tree Pruning Advice?
Join us next Wednesday for a hands-on workshop with certified arborist Christian Dube. You’ll get practical advice on how to properly prune fruit trees, and even get to try your hand at it on some of the fruit trees in our area.

** New Food Cupboard Coordinator
We’ve had a staffing change here at the Kaslo Food Hub. We’re happy to welcome Erin Carr as our new Food Cupboard Coordinator. Erin is responsible for coordinating the services of the Food Cupboard program, our weekly food bank service. Erin has worked as the back-up coordinator for two years now, and is familiar with the position, making this a very seamless transition.

We say thank you to Dustin East, who has been the FC Coordinator for the past two years. Dustin has taken a new position as Operations Manager at The Sentinel retreat centre and we wish him all the best. Thank you Dustin for your enthusiasm and great contributions at the Kaslo Food Hub!

Hunger Count 2018

As a member of Food Banks Canada, we participate in an annual survey of our food cupboard clients, gathering information that can help Food Banks Canada provide better services and resources for it’s members. We’ve just wrapped up this year’s survey. One statistic that is gathered is the number of individuals who utilize our food cupboard service in the month of March. This year it was 83 individuals, up slightly from 81 last year, and 75 in 2016. This steady rise in food bank usage mirrors statistics across the country.
Tool Library Fundraiser
Goal: New Apple Press!

We’ve been lucky to have local Kaslo business the Angry Hen Brewery host a fundraiser for us that has netted $250 so far. We say so far, because the folks at Angry Hen are committing to hold a few more fundraisers for us over the course of the summer. The goal, to purchase a new Apple Press for our Tool Library. We’re hoping to buy a double-barrel apple press, with an electric grinder. This is one of the items respondents to our Tool Library survey have indicated they want us to buy.

Our tool library rented out 71 items in 2017!  It’s a popular service that helps build a more food-secure Kaslo and Area D. If all goes well, we’ll have a new apple press ready for people to rent this fall. If you or someone you know has an apple press like the one we described above and would like to sell it to us, please get in touch.

Our culinary Tool Library has a wide selection of food processing aids that can help make your job easier. Juicers, dehydrators, fruit press, food processor, canners, vacuum sealers, smoker, grain mill, meat grinder, oil press and more. Rent a tool from us for $5-$10/week and let it help make your job of preserving the harvest easier and more efficient. See our complete tool selection at


Food Recovery Program asks…
“Grow A Row for Us”

As the gardening season starts we want to ask our supporters in the community to consider donating any of your surplus garden produce to us throughout the season. We’re blessed to have many generous gardeners in Kaslo stop by to share some of the abundance of their gardens, allowing us to distribute fresh cucumbers, lettuce, greens, tomatoes, zuchinis and more. It makes a big difference to our Food Cupboard offerings when we can put out wonderful fresh produce. So please, keep us in mind when your garden is bursting with so much food you can’t even eat it all. Or, if you have room, consider planting an extra row of carrots, radish or beans, just to donate to the Food Hub. Your contributions make a big difference!

If you’ve been a community donor to this program in the past,  thank you. It’s your generosity that allows us to distribute healthy and nourishing food.


Thanks to our partnership with the Kootenay Local Agriculture Society, we are able to offer access to the rental of a BCS walking tractor with several implements. This tool, which looks like a large rototiller, is excellent for prepping your farm, homestead, or large garden area. Powerful and compact it can do a lot of work for you. Check out the videos showing the two implements we have for rent.

Tractor and rototiller:

Tractor and rotary plow:

Call us to book your rental this spring!

** Call for Garden Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering your time with the Kaslo Food Hub? We are seeking volunteers to help in our Food Hub gardens in 2017. If interested, please call us at 353-7120. We’d love to talk to you!

We’re proud to be a Good Food Organization, aligned with many other organizations across Canada who work to build food security in our communities.

Contact the Kaslo Food Hub:
Phone: 250-353-7120


Western herbal medicine….Seeking your input

Hello Kaslo and area! Do you want to learn about western herbal medicine,
and how the plants that grow here at home can protect and heal us?

Half Moon Herbals is looking for your feedback to help gauge interest for
adults/kid workshops and events this summer. Your input is appreciated!!

Please fill out this SUPER QUICK and EASY survey! Thank you.
Link to survey:

Thank you!