update on Roads from Director W.


Hamill Creek/Argenta/Johnsons Landing residents:

I met with Ministry of Transportation last week to tour your roads. I was personally appalled by the state of them and had no idea they were so dangerous. As soon as we hit the bridge, District Manager for Ministry of Transportation- Bart Chenuz- was also not impressed. He would like to express his apologies to the communities for the state of the road and will be working asap to remedy it. You will see a deep level grading to remove the deep potholes and the road will remain with load restrictions at this time- at 70%.
However, road upgrades will not be possible until the melt and frost are complete. Engineering wise, it makes no sense to do the work until the road has completely thawed and they can dig deep to remedy the various deep wells.
In terms of the sloughing in various spots (Turtle Crossing, Argenta beach) there is not much that can be done as it is the natural landscape of the hills to be releasing the debris as spring melt continues. He will look into options, but short of blasting it all out, which is not feasible, its not an easy fix.

He wanted me to share with the communities that he is very sorry for the state of the road, he will see it fixed as soon as weather permits and should you have concerns moving forward, feel free to contact him directly.

His contact is:
Bart Chenuz