Farm and Food directory….

Did you know? The Central Kootenay Food Policy Council & the multi award-winning Pennywise have teamed up to publishing a Farm & Food Directory for the Central Kootenay Region. We invite all farmers and food producers to take part – free of charge.

Visit the CK Food Policy website, for more information. Once it is ready you will upload your information there.

If you like this idea and would like to support the local food growers in our region by advertising in this inaugural agricultural resource magazine contact Rick Wiltse at

Advertising space is very limited, so book your space now call 250-353-2602.


Jewett News…

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Beautiful take me outside day today!                Our week!

Monday, Jan. 15-Monday! Monday!
Tuesday, Jan. 16-Strong Start
Wednesday, Jan. 17-Reading Challenge begins*
Thursday, Jan. 18-Strong Start
January newsletter
Friday, Jan. 19-Take Me Outside Day-Skating at KDAA-meet/greet our JVH penpals.

*We will be starting a new Reading Challenge. This year’s focus is not on how many minutes one reads but about understanding the story. We will be choosing some books to read and answer three questions to check for understanding.

*Our new Science unit is Reaction Science. Please send an old large T-shirt for the students to wear. Who knows what we might be cooking up!

*Parents are welcome to join our skating this week. We will be going to JVH after to have lunch and chat with our penpals!

*In the newsletter this week, I will be sending out a form for Fort Steele. I need to know how many students and parents will be attending to ensure it is worth going.

H20 skiers. Ms. Wiens will be sending the form out this week. As skiing is early this year, please return them with the bulk of the payment ASAP. Whitewater neeeds the forms soon.

Have an awesome week!

LV Events postings…

The last page listed under MENU (to the right of the postings on this site) gives a running list of events which are currently being posted on the site. So if you would like an  brief overview of the next few weeks’ events all in one short list, go to this page , or click on “LV Events” to the right.