Yoga in the LV…

Hello Everyone,
I am happy to say that, as some of you know, we are going ahead with the Yoga classes at the Lardeau Valley Hall.  The first class is on Tuesday, October 31st and the classes will run for six weeks from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Some of you have committed to attending the 6 classes and the cost for you is:  $72.00 payable at the first class.  Also be aware that if you have to miss a class you can pick it up at any of my other classes in Kaslo.
 Drop-ins are welcome and the rate for drop-in is:  $15.00 a class.  Please bring you own mat and blanket and do let me know if you for some reason cannot and I will bring them for you.  Feel free to spread the word and invite anyone to attend that you think might be interested.

Another Employment opportunity…

The Langham Cultural Society, Kaslo, seeks a dynamic, energetic, and innovative Curator for a part-time position to begin January 2018. The Curator reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for researching, curating and installing exhibits in the Langham’s two galleries. The Langham is a 43-year-old not-for-profit charitable cultural arts and heritage community organization which is housed in a 121-year-old heritage building. The Langham is committed to offering a wide variety of stimulating and educational arts, culture, and heritage programs for all ages and talents. Applications will be accepted by electronic transmission ONLY until 5 pm PDT on Monday November 13, 2017. Please no phone calls, or inquiries of Langham staff or board members. Contact only for a detailed job description and where to send applications or visit website

Email the office for more detailed information, or details will be available by Tuesday October 24 on website.

The Langham Cultural Centre & Gallery is the centre for arts & culture in Kaslo and the…

Board development ideas.

  • Arts BC Insights: Development Beyond Fundraising  from Arts BC

8 things your Board Members can do to raise money that is not fundraising!

We asked our Insight Team member ( , Sandra Thompson, for some insider secrets on how to make the most out of an organization’s Board of Directors. She let us in on 8 things your board can do to raise money that is not fundraising!

Sandra Thomson, Insight Team Member
Sandra has worked in the performing arts industry for over forty years specializing in organizational development and fundraising. She was responsible for creating and implementing the strategic plan that raised $13 million and built the Port Theatre in Nanaimo.
Sandra was General Manager of the Port Theatre from 2001-06 during which time her programming of “Port Presents” events won both a national and a provincial award for excellence. During her career she has served on numerous boards. Sandra conducts workshops for non-profit groups throughout BC on board development, strategic planning, volunteer management, sponsorship and fundraising

“I know that with improved management practices, an informed and involved Board and increased resources, your non-profit organization can thrive and fulfill its mandate.” – Sandra Thomson.

1 Help create or evaluate a business plan for an earned income venture. If you have business leaders or entrepreneurs on your board this would be a great use of their time and add tremendous value to your organization. If they can help you create a more profitable business ( , they are directly contributing to your organizations bottom-line.

2. Advocate for government money. You may have a board member that can’t stand the idea of asking their friends for money, but they are well connected in city, regional, province or federal governments and could open doors to you for government contracts, grants, fee-for-service or other government monies.

3. Provide intelligence on prospects. If you have a board member that seems to know everyone in town, but for whatever reason refuses to ask any of them for money, they can still be incredibly useful. You may be getting ready to ask a prospective donor for $1,000, and this board member can tell you what that person has already given to, at what level, who else might know them and so on. When you make an ask, the more information you have going into it, the more successful you will be.

4. Email, call or visit a donor just to say thanks. The stewardship of a gift is an often forgotten, but incredibly critical, part of the fundraising process. According to Penelope Burk’s annual donor survey, 84% of donors would give again if they were thanked in a timely way. And being thanked by a board member is a bonus. A donor who renews their gift to a nonprofit is providing more money for the organization.
5. Explain to a prospect why they serve. A board of directors is a group of volunteers who care so much about the mission of the organization that they are willing to donate their time (a precious resource) to the cause. As a donor, it is affirming to see that a volunteer is contributing time, but it is even more motivating to hear, in the board member’s own words, why they feel compelled to serve this organization. That story can be enough to convince someone to give.

6. Host a small gathering at home. Over the course of a year, most people invite a gathering of friends and/or family into their home at least once. A board member could take a few minutes at their next dinner party to talk about something that is near and dear to their heart: the nonprofit on whose board they serve. They don’t have to ask people for money, but they could simply say, “If you’re interested in learning more, let me know.” And then your staff could take it from there with those who are interested.

7. Recruit an in-kind service. If a board member could remove an expense line item from a nonprofit’s budget that would directly contribute to a stronger bottom-line. For example, if a board member works at an ad agency, could they convince their company to provide some pro-bono marketing services to their nonprofit? But keep in mind, these in-kind donations must be of value to the nonprofit and provide an offset to a direct cost that the nonprofit would otherwise have to bear.

8. Negotiate a lower price from a vendor. Do you have a board member with great negotiating skills (think of all of those lawyers on your board). Could they negotiate with your insurance providers, office space landlord, or printers, for a lower price? If so, that’s more money in the bank.
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** ArtsBC (


Arts BC
Provincial Office 301 – 1321 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 0B6



New Coordinator at Links


Links is pleased to welcome Chelsey Leyshon as the new LINKS Coordinator for the society. Chelsey has lived in various communities in the LV, and brings a variety of skills to the position, including work with non profit societies, grant writing, an interest in local events and people and much enthusiasm to the position!.  You can contact Links at:

Chelsey will begin her position in November.

Deb Borsos will continue to manage the Links website and work with Chelsey and the Board to keep you aware of ongoing events and opportunities around the area.




More updates from Area D Director:

aaaand, a few more things Director Watson has been working on:




Area D Director update…

Your Area D Director has been busy.

Please click on links below to review various topics relevent to the Lardeau Valley which Area D Director Watson has been a part of or has lead. … And, the paving has begun on Highway 31.(another thing Director Watson promised would happen.)







First Aid and CPR

Comprehensive first aid and CPR techniques for emergency response in the home or workplace. Practice a variety of topics from cardiovascular and breathing emergencies, prevention of disease transmission to more severe sudden medical injuries to the head and spine. Learn the use of an automated external defibrillator. Note: SFA meets the requirements of Red Cross Marine Basic First Aid, with proper documentation prior to course.

WHEN: Thu & Fri Nov 23rd & 24th TIME: 8:30AM – 5:00PM
WHERE: Kaslo Fire Hall
Instructor: James Hall
COST: $212

To Inquire:
Phone 250.353.2618;
drop by 421 Front Street
Tue – Thu between 9-3 pm;
Register online at
or email