Cooper Creek Cedar update.

Porcupine Wood Products

April 19, 2017

Cooper Creek Cedar is providing the following update of the company’s forest development in the Argenta area:

Currently CCC has been developing a preliminary Total Chance Plan of the entire Argenta Forest Development Unit. This Total Chance Plan is simply a mapping exercise, prior to field reconnaissance, to identify potential forest development opportunities but being cognizant of other resource concerns: terrain stability, water sources & flows, wildlife & visual impacts. CCC has gathered many of the past reports and is critically reviewing these assessments. CCC will be meeting with a local biologist in mid-May. The objective of the mapping Total Chance Plan is to develop a preliminary plan prior to field work taking place. All “assumptions” identified in the mapping exercise will be field proofed in the field.

For your information, I will be out of the country from April 24, 2017 to May 15, 2017. During this time, there will be no field work conducted in the Argenta FDU. Please continue submitting comments to: , but I will not be monitoring my email during this period.

CCC has been in discussion with a small local group, the Argenta Johnsons Landing group over the past six weeks. The main discussions have been around CCC’s 2017-2022 Forest Stewardship Plan and Visual Quality Objectives. CCC has not been contacted by other community members/groups to form a “working group” to information share with. Therefore; CCC will continue to use this website to communicate with the Argenta community regarding the company’s forest development. And posters will be posted to notify the public of planned meetings.

Cooper Creek Cedar has recently advertised an extension of CCC’s 2017-2022 FSP to June 19, 2017. The FSP does cover the Argenta Forest Development Unit, but the document is not specific to Argenta. The Argenta FDU is attached. The FSP can be viewed at the following website:

Comments regarding the FSP must be submitted in writing and must be received by CCC by May 19, 2017 to be considered. Comments can be submitted to: ,

or mailed to:  Cooper Ck Cedar – FSP Comments

Box 850

Salmo, BC   V0G 1Z0

Submitted by:

Bill Kestell, RPF

Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd

Woodlands Manager